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The Thumb

Tired, yet can't sleep

Christmas Greetings to myself?

Some quizzes I took just now...

Who says I'm childish?

How hard is it to smile?

Career Aptitude Test Results - ThotPost

Bright Day

What the heck...

Omg... I'm not a geek!!

Do you know how to be cool?

The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit...

Ok, maybe the day is not so bad after all...

Even my birthday is turning out to be a bad day...

Think twice before you have seaweed

Shyness is not a problem?

Water Effects

Hello from PDA

The Flight

Going to India

My Dynamics Text Book

Dropped Keys - Lost and Found

MCT Project

Hello again!

A blog is not a diary, unless it's totally private.

Too busy?


The Director's List


I got my hard disk back....

My Hard disk....

It's so windy...

Borin, Jammin & Hoppin

French Fries and Ketchup

Work of Art

Regular or Small?


It's so hot... and confusing...

I got W810i

Newspaper so costly huh?

Phyuchure Laiphe

Customer turned Boss

Ronald McDonald DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!

I'M sO bOrEd ThAt i hAd To MaKe ThIs PrOgRaM

Do you truly love him/her?

Sacrificing "manhood" for money

i'm lovin' it