The Flight

The day on the flight, I was almost panicking because I had not finished doing what I started. Cleaning up my room. Well I managed to do it all, and sort out what I'm going to take home, what's staying in my room, and what's going to the dustbin, and after that I had a huge lot of time just sitting there idle (other than getting ready of course). A week ago it was like I'd go there, get my boarding pass, go get the flight and go home. But on the day of my flight, I was expecting one friend of mine to come meet me, and send me off. But I was surprised because not one, not two but FIVE friends of mine were there to send me! I'm so glad and thankful for you all. A sixth one could not make it but that's ok. I knew he would not come, he's that lazy hehe!

LOL I embarrassed myself asking my friends to come to "Terminal 11". There are only 3 terminals in Changi airport! What I meant was gate 11 of terminal 2.

Anyway I checked my baggage in quite late and we only had 40 minutes before the flight together. We had a good time at the Burger King. There were intro's and little chit-chat. After that they sent me and I checked myself in and started walking towards the gate, waving my hands to them as I go farther. Ah I miss you all already! Anyway as I was walking fast, I noticed the time is 19:55!! 10 minutes before departure time, the gate closes! I started running... 19:56... 19:57... The stupid idiotic gate E7 was RIGHT AT THE END!!! I had to run the longest distance anyone in terminal 2 has to run!! That was totally ridiculous. And I was just about to miss the flight as well. But luckily they allowed me in and (hehe) an air hostess personally escorted me to the flight (yea we were running, yes). LOL due to the tension I almost forgot to check in the boarding pass as well, but the guy there prompted me.

All went well after that. The only problem was sitting in middle of people who don't know that handphones must be switched OFF (not even silent mode, but OFF). A lady two seats away was talking on the phone when the plane was moving towards the runway! I told her switch off the phone, and apparently she didn't understand! She just cut the call and was sitting there scared. Haha looks like i have potential to scare people for no reason. But I was scared of plane crashing because of a stupid phone searching for signal 10000 m above ground level.

It was such a misery to sit there on that seat for more than 4 hours. But I managed to "enjoy" the food they gave. Chicken Masala with Rice.. Fruits, Juice, Tea, Biscuits. After that I tried reading some stuff in my laptop which only had less than an hour of charge. I read that CAT scans have 100-250 times more radiation than chest X-ray, and most doctors don't know that! Feel free to ask your doc on the next visit! I asked my dad, and apparently, he almost knew it, but not quite there.

Yea back at home, my parents received me. I drove back home in our car. Hehe it felt so good to be able to drive again after such a long break! Yup so that was that day of my flight (4th Sep 2007).


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