i'm lovin' it

Ah... you know whose catchphrase that is, right? Yup, it's McDonald's! And guess what? I'm working there. Not sure how much but I think it must be 4.5 per hour. Oh well. Today I had my trial run, and they said they can hire me but,

1. I need to get a typhoid injection.

2. I need to smile... not this :) smile, but this :D smile!!! Right now, I tried this :) smile, but it didn't do so well. From what they were asking me to do, I deduced that I should have this :D smile, so that I'd be friendly, not fierce >:) Hmm... confidence... confidence... I CAN DO IT!!!

3. I need to... ugh! SHAVE!!!! Yea I need to shave off the whole French beard I have :(( My dearest beard... it's going down the drain soon... and I'm gonna look like... a weirdo!!! or a little boy... whatever!

Anyway the job is ok, it can be a bit tiring, but a shot of Red-Bull before you start work, would keep you going. That's what I did today, drank a can of Red-Bull an hour before starting work. It was fun too. Ok more about the work later! Gotta catch some sleep now! God bless you all!


  1. Heya.. hope ur days at work are goin well, im sure it will be tough cos ur jus startin but once u get the hang of it, life will be much easier there.. lots of malay peepz will be crowdin tat place.. tampines is well known for them, so yea smile more n be extra outgoin ok?? im sure u wud do good.. arun get a tag board wud u, oh n im back to bloggin so check out my page ok? http://contagiousme.blogspot.com , take care! =)GeNie


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