My Hard disk....

I gave my hard disk to my friend, and now he lost it in a bus... It's not that the thing is 160GB and it cost me money. Sure he can buy me another hard disk, but that's not the point. My precious data that's stored inside... It's all gone! How many of the people who could possibly lay their hands on the disk be kind enough to return it to the bus caption or the bus interchange staff? If it's a tech savvy guy, he would probably take it home, erase the whole disk and keep it for himself. If it's someone who does business, he would probably sell it for a few hundred dollars. But I just hope that my unluckiness doesn't strike me this time, and I will get the hard disk back with all the data intact. I just hope I'd be lucky enough to have a really kind soul lay hands or the disk and return it to the interchange so that when my friend inquires, he finds it there and redeems it. Please, Oh God, please don't let me down on this. I've already encountered great amounts of loss. This is one that I really can't afford to go through. Please God don't let me down. Let the soul who finds it be kind to it's owner.

The hard disk is Maxtor Basic, 160 GB.
When connected to the computer it will show two drives called "XP-COPY" and "ADTC-EXT"
The package comes with the hard disk, an adapter, a plug converter, a stand, and an USB cable.

Thanks a million to anybody who helps return it!


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