Shyness is not a problem?

Recently I found this website called Shy and Free. Here are some quotes from it:

Why are you shy? Perhaps your shyness is guiding you to someone and some things more wonderful than you can imagine.   Maybe you are destined for deeper understanding, meaningful work, and mutually compassionate relationships.

Imagine going from someone too shy to purchase a book on shyness; too shy to have a successful job interview; too shy to ask for someone’s phone number; too shy to attend social activities; too shy to go on dates --- to someone who looks others in the eye; finds rewarding, interesting, and creative work; travels internationally; finds their partner in life; finds happiness and joy in the world; and even speaks to large groups of people on occasion.

This site is written by someone who has personally transformed pain and suffering into happiness and joy.

Shyness leads to self-consciousness which leads to consciousness which leads to freedom.

The more you try to change or get rid of your shyness, the more your shyness is reinforced. The more you are in touch with other parts or yourself, the freer you are to express the whole you and experience changes in your life.

Shyness is a label placed on us by others or ourselves.  Labels do not explain a person, they place a person in a category and it is important to remember that labels and categories are not the person.

Visit the website: Shy and Free


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