Hello from PDA

I'm typing from my new PDA. It's an ASUS model A626. More about it later. It's been quite a while since I last posted anything. It was because I had to rethink how I view my blog as and what I consider it to be. More over my life was going through a major turning point. I had finally decided to leave something which I had been pursuing for quite some time in my life. Now I feel much more alive and free and not pulled down by that thing I was after.

I also had to leave something else as well. I would say I still want it back but I'm trying to leave it behind and move on with my life. I'm gaining ability to do so every single day. I'm also learning to leave the whole topic behind and concentrate on better more important things.

Anyway onto news. My Mom had an operation recently. It was hysterectomy, removal of uterus. She had fibroids on her uterus, and the doctor decided that the uterus should be removed to get rid of them and avoid getting them again. I stayed with her only for a few days after the operation, after which I had to come back to Singapore. Hopefully she is taking rest and doing well now. It's been around two weeks since she had the operation.

Well that's pretty much all that I have now. Do post a message in my tag board and leave comments. Thanks for reading :)

[This post was typed in my PDA but apparently I had to use my friend's laptop to post it. I'll try to post a pure PDA-only post later.]


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