Newspaper so costly huh?

This happened the next day after the event of a customer giving hong bao happened. It was very busy and so as soon as one party leaves the table, another would occupy it, so there is not time in between to clear the table. This lady asked me to clear the table, and I did it.

Then later the manager came and asked me if I had seen any newspaper anywhere. I said no. After some time again the manager wanted to confirmed. She told me this lady said she put a newspaper on the table and I cleared it and threw in the dustbin. But actually nothing like that happened.

I know very well we are to be careful about foreign objects that are on the table. So if there really was any newspaper on the table I would have asked her if it was hers, and left it there. But she claims that I cleared the newspaper with the trays and trashed it. How crazy?

Anyway I was asked by manager to (hehe) act as though I'm searching the dustbins for the newspaper. Ok I can hear some of you going "Ewww" but don't worry I wore gloves to search the bin.

In between the trouble I was encountered by another customer whose trays I cleared wrongly. He was not there in the table at point of clearing, but a kid was there and he said "Thank you thank you" when I cleared! This customer said he still wanted the coke. I said I'm really sorry about it. He was a Malay guy but thank God, he was nice enough to just smile and say "It's okay" and let me go. Later I once again apologized to him.

Oh the newspaper was not found because it simply did not exist! There was no newspaper! Anyway she left after some time, so that is settled.

Well that's it for McDonald stories now. Now I'm taking a one week leave from work to finish my exams. So the next stories will be told in March J


  1. haha some people are funny maybe the lady was trying to terorise(as in jsut anoy people there alot)mcdonalds :P


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