Customer turned Boss

This happened a few days ago at McDonalds while I was working. I was doing lobby, which is basically clear the trays, clean tables, do a bit of greeting customers, sweep/mop floors and such lobby duties. When I was running about clearing the trays, a customer (supposedly) tapped me on the shoulder and asked me for a pen and paper. Confused, I asked the floor manager and she gave the articles to me, and I passed them to him. Then while I was cleaning the table next to him, he shook hands and said "Happy New Year". He asked me about what I'm doing and stuff, then wished me all the best for exams. I thanked him many times and even complimented "You're very nice, Sir!"

Then I went around, and the floor manager called me and said, "The uncle is calling you." I was like "What the heck?". Then I went to him and he wished me "Happy New Year" again, and gave me Hong Bao. I was a bit reluctant to accept but then I did. He also gave to another worker doing the lobby.

Ok I don't know how much it is, but it was not respectful to open up and see how much it is until later on, so I just went to the staff room and kept it in my bag. But the floor manager, thinking that the customer is crazy, asked me to open and see how much. It was four dollars, but somehow this hong bao of four dollars was much much more precious to me than the eight dollars hong bao that McDonalds was giving all workers for at least 6 hours work. That's because the person who gave it made me smile, gave me a lot of happiness in those few minutes of encounter.

It had the name "Victor Tan" and that person's address on it, so that gave confusion, as our McDonald's boss is Mr Victor, but I don't know his last name. So we were like, "Is he our boss? is he our boss??" No the person was not our boss (we had a picture of the boss). But then came even more confusion as it seemed that this "customer" must be P.A. or relative of the boss, who came on his behalf, acting as a customer. Hehe he exclaimed to me "Don't worry, I'm a customer, not the manager!"

We had a lot of confusion going on like, and I was suspecting that the floor managers and the boss had all planned this act to surprise the lobby workers, which happened to be me and another guy. But the floor manager acted like she didn't know anything. Another thing is that somehow he came to know that I checked how much is in it (remember, I was forced to do so) and told me, the amount of money doesn't matter, it's the heart of the person that matters, and I said "I agree to that completely". I really do agree. Even if it's just a cent, given with a loving heart, it's worth more than gold and diamonds given with no love.

Oh, and the best reason for all the confusion is that he talked with the floor manager, plus he did not buy anything at all from our restaurant.

More McDonald stories on the way... Thanks for all your tags by the way :) (hehe it rhymes :P)


  1. wow thats cool so the person walked right in was ncie and gave u all hongbao doesnt buy anything from the restaraunt and isnt related to anyoen who owns the place? that doesnt happen everyday! :D

  2. made my stomach pain when i read it.
    coool (:

  3. um... my i know who this anonymous comment is from? thank you!


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