Bright Day

The sun is shining gracefully bright. The radio is playing with perfect reception. The weather feels just nice today. Last few days it had been raining like crazy, and it was so cold most of the time.

Now I'm in bus, typing this offline in my Tablet PC in WLWriter, listening to Power 98. It seems Michael Schumacher (Update: YAY I'm right in my spelling!) taught a taxi driver how to drive! You can imagine the rest now!

Already two term tests are over and I'm on my way to the third one. Engineering Materials was quite easy, just because I managed to make mind-maps for the things I needed to study. Then I re-wrote the mind-map as points. Wow, mind-map really helps!

Circuit and Control Systems was not so easy, but I don't fully blame it on the paper. I didn't study anything, other than what my friends asked me. So I cocked up in the first question. The remaining two question and the MCQ were done well.

Today, it will be Power Electronics and Drives. Tomorrow, Thermal Fluid Engineering. Ah I know something in PEDrive now. TFE is quite easy, I just need to go through the slide.. except the last chapter using those stupid tables...

Okay that's it for now. School's two bus stops away. See ya!

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