I haven't studied much for Dynamics. Today is a small test comprising of two questions. I said, "two questions". I didn't say "two simple questions" or "two easy questions". Any one or worse, both of them could turn out to be tough as hell! I don't know what I'm going to do. I just hope everything will be fine, and leave it in God's hands, at His mercy. Maybe He would show me the answers clearly, so that I can just copy what He shows into my paper. Maybe he would make me know nothing, and I'd leave my answer sheet blank, and fail the test. In that case, I'll realize what a dork I've been by not studying when there was enough time through out the semester, and not listening in tutorial class. Whatever the outcome, I'm not going to blame God, because anything bad that happens now, will ultimately be for good. And you can always find something good that comes out of the bad that's happening to you.
Till then,


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