Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pros and Cons of NOT having a girlfriend

Carefree Life.
No need to worry about doing something special.
No missing her.
Will not be envied by friends.
No need to manage time, and adjust schedule to fit her in.
No need to spend extra money in phone calls and SMS text messages.
No need to log into friendster everyday to write testimonial for her.
No need to call her from landline.
No need to update her every hour (or rather every minute).
No need to listen to love songs all day long.
No need to buy food for her.
No need to sing songs for her.
No need to play musical instruments for her.
No need to blog about her.
No need to blog for her.
No need to chat with her.
No need to read the cons.

Feel alone sometimes.
Craves for one when we are depressed troubled.
Wishes she was here to share our problems when we are sad.
No lap to sleep on.
No shoulder to cry on.
Nobody to play with, after you are an adult.
Nobody to spend time with.
Life seems half-empty.
Love seems missing.
Fantasies take control of you.
Internet tempts you.
To some, hustling may look like a better lifestyle.
You won't have enough interest in the nice things you do.
You find your friends crazy if they have girlfriends.
But you'll still want to be crazy like they are.

The cons outweigh the pros!
We all need to be loved...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why are girls' hands cold?

Every girl I've offered a shake hand, I find their hands are cold. Never encountered the same with boys. Why is it so? And I wonder if they find something like the same when they shake hands with boys... like they find guys' hands hot (no pun intended!!).
Okay I was wondering about it because today morning I met Rachel and shook hands with her, and it was... ICE COLD!! Hmm... She's a girl, so obviously I'm supposed to find her hand cold... I wonder if there are exceptions!!

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Which Emoticon Are You?

"Arun, the emoticon that represents you best is the Smiling Face

What's up, smiley? Somehow you just always seem to find a way to turn that frown upside down. Your upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor brighten up any room, including your favorite chat room.

Like your classic emoticon counterpart, you're a staple on anyone's list. Boring days and sleepless nights are far more bearable when you're online to chat. Whether you're shooting the breeze, catching up, or giving out advice, you can cheer up anyone on the other side of the conversation. So keep lightening the mood, making new friends, and bringing smiles to other folks' faces. After all, it's just so natural for you!"

Which Emoticon Are You?