Tuesday, March 6, 2007

It's so hot... and confusing...

It's so hot today!! I'm cooling myself with the fan as I write this. I was sweating so much I just ripped my shirt off (ok, no wild imaginations please...) But today was unusually hot.

Oh what am I talking, I forgot it's March now. March, April, May = Burn, baby, burn! Isn't it supposed to be like that?

Anyway today I learnt counter in McDonalds, and to my surprise, it's so confusing!! It's not hard, but it's simply confusing, especially with that POS. I have to search the whole screen to tap one tiny button with the picture of the item. Items are almost illogically thrown around the whole screen. And for one item there would be three or four buttons, and I have to find the right one. And then I have to go pick up all the items, plus, call for more production. This is soooo confusing, but I hope the confusion will fade with more practice.

Friday, March 2, 2007

I got W810i

Day before yesterday I got a new W810i. Really cool phone. Hard to use in a way, but I love challenges :P. Keep drooling people, but I got the phone :D