I'M sO bOrEd ThAt i hAd To MaKe ThIs PrOgRaM

You must have seen blogs and personal profiles where a lot of girls (and maybe a few guys, but I'm not one among them) type lIkE tHiS? Have you wondered how they manage to do the tedious task of pressing and leaving the Shift key for every alternative letter?

Well (on the other hand) are you one of those girls (and guys) who do that, like to do that, but are so frustrated that you have to do that to get that "beautiful blog page" you got? Fear not, for help is here.

When I was completely bored (as I usually am), I created this Automatic Caps Lock Toggle application (or ToggleCaPs, for short) in Visual Basic. It is also (a bit) intelligent as it only toggles Caps Lock when you type alphabetic keys (A-Z). You can download it by clicking here. Just extract the ZIP file and run the ToggleCaPs application. Create a shortcut to it on the Desktop if you like it!

I didn't do all the work in making that Caps Lock Toggle Application though. Credits go to Konstantin Tretyakov for some parts of the code. I had to merge two seperate code sets together and remove unnecessary parts to get this working. They are, for your reference:
1. Toggle CapsLock Key
2. Key Logger Based on a Global Keyboard Hook.
PS: If you are a developer and want the code for ToggleCaPs, drop me a comment.

HaPpY tYpInG!!!


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