Even my birthday is turning out to be a bad day...

Nothing much had been happening today except getting a few messages in my mobile phone and over Messenger. As I was in front of my laptop, I thought of charging my PDA and transferring some files onto it. I took it in my hand casually and was bringing it towards me. Suddenly, it hit the side of my laptop lightly. The next thing I knew was a PDA on the floor with the batter cover thrown at one corner, the battery itself thrown at another corner, and even the pen thrown at yet another corner. It happened so fast and so violently, I was cursing myself for it.

Alright, damage done is damage done. I can't turn back time. I put all the components of the PDA together and turned it on. I connected the charger and then I was leaning against it looking at the screen. My arm was touching the side of the metal casing of the PDA, and I got a small shock! This is the second bad thing, and so far, the last.

God only knows what more bad things are planned for me this day...

Oh btw, The Beatles sang "Happy Birthday" for me! Hear the song:


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