Tired, yet can't sleep

I'm tired, but as with every night, thoughts are running through my head. Random thoughts. Thought about all kinds of nonsense like the basketball ABC game I played today (and lost, sadly enough). LOL, I even skipped a few steps in the game, and still couldn't make it! What a loser I am...

Thoughts like why girls are so dumb to think that the media is calling them all ugly. Models in media are calling themselves beautiful. They're not calling you girls ugly. Only you call yourself ugly. If you really want to follow the models, start calling yourself beautiful, just like they do!

Thoughts like what I'm going to do for New Year's Eve. Nobody wants to go to the Countdown 2008 or anywhere else with me. So I'm loser (again) coz I got nothing to do. I'm wondering should I just stay at home, and go for a walk, or should I just go for the party alone (like losers do).

Thoughts like why I haven't written anything good in my blog for a few days. And whether I should post something now. Which resulted in this blog post.

Thoughts like why Umbrella of Rihanna became a popular song despite her constant quacking of the word "umbrella" in most of the song.

Thoughts like... argh forget it... I better get to bed before any more thoughts disturb.

To hell with the thoughts. Gotta catch sleep!! Nitez...


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