Thursday, November 30, 2006

Most Dreaded Day of the Year

So what's the most dreaded day of the year? Your birthday! And guess what? It's my birthday today. And it's the first birthday of mine that I decided not to celebrate. I didn't let any of my friends know, until it's too late. I didn't feel like celebrating in any way or creating a circumstance where a friend of mine would spend money to buy me a gift. So this is the first birthday of mine where I avoided all birthday-related expense and gift-based income.

But I was hurt when my father said "Celebrations are for children. You are grown-up individual now." I was like "WHAT?" I told him "Well, would I be celebrating my birthday when I turn 48 years old? If I feel like doing so, I would definitely do so. Just because I'm 48 doesn't mean I'm too old for a birthday celebration." Also told him that "Everyone, no matter how old, is still a child in his heart." He refused to fully grasp the meaning as he said, "I agree but the mode of celebration varies with age." It doesn't! A 10 year old would call up his group of friends to his house and throw a small party. A 48 year old would also do the same. The mode of celebration is the same, no matter what the age. It's the friendship and time together with friends that matters, not age and so called "maturity" or "grown-up-ness", if you will.

Anyway no point in bragging about how hurt I am. That's because my father's point of view is completely different from mine in every subject. He is materialistic, while I'm not. He is more to making a living, when I'm more to living a life of love. I can hardly find any similarity between my father's thinking and my own. Even my mother's thinking in general is different from mine.

Thanks to all who wished me.
To those who couldn't because I didn't let you know, I'm sorry.
And to those who couldn't because they forgot about it, it's OK :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Ultimate Decision

Click on image for larger view.

I'll stick to XP and will not make the switch-over because, though Vista has many new appealing features, it's very resource hungry and churns out your graphics processor to the max. I really wonder if Doom 3 would work in a Vista machine! Also I have no budget now to purchase Vista.

Vista seems not to excite me like Windows 2000, Me or NT did not excite me when I had Windows 98 to play with. Only when Windows XP came out did I really feel being outdated with that 98 which was 10 times worse than XP. Now when I have XP, Vista doesn't excite me. Maybe I'll consider a switchover when Vienna comes out (if you know what I'm talking about :P).

What about you? Post your views as comments.

Oh I was bored and so I took this picture because of a crazy idea that popped up in my mind when I saw my mouse through the transparent plate. That's why this is in "My Boring Life."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Want some help?

I'm not really a person who would always offer to help a stranger without second thought. Most probably when I'm put in such a situation I'd refuse to act. So bad of myself, I know.

Today morning I did two "wrong" things, but because I did them, I did something really right for me to do. First thing first I wanted to go for a haircut, so I set out to a shop. I waited there for about an hour. After I had the haircut, I returned to freshen up (have a shower and stuff). But I'm already late! Just half an hour for church service to start and I would not reach in time. Anyway I did not panic. I let God take control and just continued with my freshening up. Already 15 minutes of service was over when I left my house.

There is this bridge with which we can cross the road. Uhm... to give the description in words, would take time, so let me draw it out...

There it is! OK, I wanted to go to bus stop 1. To go there you can go A-B-D or just A-C. People ALWAYS go through A-C because It's obviously shorter and does not require much energy. While I was going up A, I was in my own world, thinking about God knows what, and I automatically climbed up B. When I reached the top of B, I stood there amazed: "What in the world am I doing here?" I looked down at C and hear him (or is it her?) crying "How could you abandon me?" Well, all said and done, I had no other go except to take the staircase D. Suddenly there appeared an old lady. She was carrying something and was trying to climb down the stairs, holding the heavy load (ok light to me but she's old remember?) in her weak hands. Two steps down, I offered her: "Want some help?" She smiled really big and said "Thank you" and handed me her load. I got down the stairs with her, carrying it for her. At the end of stair case D, I handed her the thing back and accepted her double "Thank you"s and said "No problem". I quickly got in the bus that was there, and from inside I saw her smile and wave at me. I smiled back.

I felt refreshed, and felt so good having done something. And what amazes me is God was planning everything behind this. He made me go up B which I would have never done by myself. He made me late to church by giving me a haircut (and a long wait of an hour before that). He coordinated the arrival of the old lady at the top of B, with my arrival there. And most amazingly, He took control of my hands and my mouth and made me offer the help. I didn't even think about doing it. It just happened to me! He's so amazing!

On my way to church, I was so joyful that I totally forgot to hold the pen in my Bible firm. By the time I reached the service, I lost the pen. I was worried at first, but then, I heard something like "Why are you worried about just a pen, My son?" Then I was not worried anymore, because God is in control. I left the pen and it's fate to Him and continued to worship Him by engaging in the service.

After the service, on my way back, I found the pen! I was not worried about it, but I knew God was in control of everything and He makes sure I have what I need. I'm not sure what He wanted me to learn from this, but I guess it's "Get the message in your head and heart, not on the paper!" I brought the pen to write down key points in the service, but since I lost it, I had to store it all in my brain, and process it in my heart.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I overslept today. Dang, I oversleep everyday!! Well almost everyday. I'd put the alarm for about 5:00 in the morning, and when my phone rings the alarm in the morning, I wouldn't even open my sleepy eyes. Only my hands would move the known location of the phone and switch the alarm off. (Yes, even when I'm dead asleep, my hand knows exactly what button actually turns off the alarm, not put it in snooze mode!) Worse today, I woke up at about 6:45 dreaming that my phone is asking for my name!

Dang, I should sleep earlier. I'm trying to train my body to sleep for 6 hours, but it demands 7 and half hours sleep. Oh yea I slept that long and I'm fully active now. If I had woken up at 5, I'd still be sleepy. I think 7 and half hours sleep is the best for me.

Monday, November 6, 2006

My space, My friends

Today someone in Myspace messaged me and said hi, and wanted me to add her on MSN. Ok, that's good I thought. So yup, I added her. She came online, and had been online for something like 6 hours! Haha, and she was chatting with me for most of the time, and missing me when I was not online. Mind you, I was running around from classes to classes and also doing my lab work, working out tutorial questions and so on, while chatting with her.

She's a very friendly person, and is glad to find that I'm one like that too, at least to some appreciable degree... lol. Yea I love her (as a friend ok? no bad thoughts in your mind!). She's from Sri Lanka, the island underneath India in your map. It's been fun chatting with her.

Glad to make one more friend :)

Fish and Chips...

I just had fish and chips. Gosh I put in too much chilli! Haha... my mouth is burning... I even complained to Nirej who is sitting right in front of me, but I passed my complaint on to him through MSN!! It was too hot to talk (the chilli I mean)...