Thursday, February 22, 2007

Phyuchure Laiphe

Ah today morning when I was waiting at the bus stop for 23, a quite old man came over to me and said "Thambi, (blah blah) tamil teriyuma?" [Translations are below, but try to read it :P] Reluctantly, I said "Konchom theriyum, yaen?"
"Naan jyothsiyarru, onnode phyuchure laiphe-(future life)-aye paththi solldraen." Luckily bus 23 came in time so I could just say "No no" and get out of there (Phew!) C'mon my future life is secure in God's hands. Why do I need to know about it from a man when I can know it from God? How can a man know what's in my future, when he doesn't know his future itself? The Indians who believe in astrology, palmistry and stuff like that got to seriously blind! And what a waste of money!


"Thambi, (blah blah) tamil teriyuma?" – Young brother, (blah blah) do you know tamil?

"Konchom theriyum, yaen?" – I know a little, why?

"Naan jyothsiyarru, onnode phyuchure laiphe-aye paththi solldraen." – I'm an astrologer, I'll tell you about your future life.

Oh by the way, I'm posting this from Microsoft Office Word 2007 which has blogging support. Cool huh?

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  1. oh gosh we got werdos like that over here too lol there was one that would keep saying"its all fuzzy i need more money to be secure" :P

    btw what is bloging support?


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