Phyuchure Laiphe

Ah today morning when I was waiting at the bus stop for 23, a quite old man came over to me and said "Thambi, (blah blah) tamil teriyuma?" [Translations are below, but try to read it :P] Reluctantly, I said "Konchom theriyum, yaen?"
"Naan jyothsiyarru, onnode phyuchure laiphe-(future life)-aye paththi solldraen." Luckily bus 23 came in time so I could just say "No no" and get out of there (Phew!) C'mon my future life is secure in God's hands. Why do I need to know about it from a man when I can know it from God? How can a man know what's in my future, when he doesn't know his future itself? The Indians who believe in astrology, palmistry and stuff like that got to seriously blind! And what a waste of money!


"Thambi, (blah blah) tamil teriyuma?" – Young brother, (blah blah) do you know tamil?

"Konchom theriyum, yaen?" – I know a little, why?

"Naan jyothsiyarru, onnode phyuchure laiphe-aye paththi solldraen." – I'm an astrologer, I'll tell you about your future life.

Oh by the way, I'm posting this from Microsoft Office Word 2007 which has blogging support. Cool huh?


  1. oh gosh we got werdos like that over here too lol there was one that would keep saying"its all fuzzy i need more money to be secure" :P

    btw what is bloging support?


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