Friday, May 23, 2008

Horrible, but justified

55740 is the highest death toll I could find on Google News today. That is a whole lot of people to die in a few days.

It's so horrible to see people die all of a sudden in huge numbers. I grieve for all the loss of lives, and spread my condolences to the next of kin and other survivors. I also join the millions of people mourning for the event.

But somehow, all these tsunami, earthquakes, global warming, and such horrible things slowly killing humankind off are justified because of the horrible things we do to the Earth. If you punch someone, there is only a very slim chance, he will ask you to punch him on the other side too.

Earth does not give you that chance. Humankind has been tapping into the resources of the Earth for the last hundreds and thousands of years, for their own development. There is definitely a threshold, a level of tolerance for anything and everything. We have long exceeded that threshold.

It seems like Earth would have been a lot better place to live, if humans were like any other animals, with no higher intelligence. Yes, we would all be naked, living in caves, eating fruits, possibly hunting animals. But we would not be driving cars, flying airplanes, going to school or even reading this blog on a computer. Just like any other animal, we would be living in jungles.

What's the advantage? The Earth's delicate balance would not have been disturbed over time by the advanced development of human beings. Earth would not have retaliated by slashing us with tsunami, earthquakes, floods and other horrible mass wipe out of human civilizations. Those people who died in such horrible events would have been living long fruitful lives.

It seems like that the end of the world as we know it, is nearing. The Earth is wiping its slate clean, slowly but surely. Soon, it will start all over again, repair itself, and will be back in balance. One thing I hope, Earth would not once again commit the mistake of creating (or evoluting) an intelligence higher than the spinal cord.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do I love to prove you wrong?

I like to think. About science, about technology, about mathematics, about the accuracy and logic of the information provided to me. If something doesn't sound right, I will set out on a conquest to prove it wrong, or to prove myself wrong.

If it so happens that I have proved myself wrong, I do not take it as a blow and get worked up about it. I congratulate myself that I have learnt what my mistake is, and appreciate that I had the opportunity to find it out.

But sometimes I prove the information wrong. I find out what the correct information should be. And in the process, someone is proved wrong. Sometimes it's a lecturer, sometimes it's a fellow student, sometimes it's just a random person.

I do feel happy to have proved the information wrong, and even happier to provide the correct information. But I do not pride over the fact that I have proved someone wrong, because in reality, it is not that someone who is wrong, but the information. That someone is simply a carrier of the information and is therefore not blamed by me.

So please, if I ever say "you're wrong," what I really mean is "the information you carry is wrong, here's the correct information."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Time to write a blog post

But I don't know what to write about. Ok time to be random?

I'm reading Understanding Psychology by Robert S. Feldman for leisure. It's quite an interesting book, but I just started on the interesting parts of it. Did you know that Asians outperform U.S. students in education because Asian parents teach that anything is possible if you're willing to do hard work, while U.S. parents tell their children that intelligence as defined at birth determines their success?

Talking about reading, I think I'm starting to like reading for leisure. I used to read nothing, until my good friend introduced me to books that interested me, but was never found by me until I met her. For the first time I bought a book after I had finished reading every page of it. That's Body Language by Allan & Barbara. You should try it *thumbs up*

I had Pasta with chunky pasta sauce, and chocolate milk for dinner. And fruit cocktail in apple juice for dessert. Mmm tastes so good. So refreshing ^_^

I told my parents that they failed in being a good parent to me. (Yea that sounds horrible to some of you, but believe me, my childhood sucks.) Exact words: "A parent's job doesn't end with providing food, clothing and shelter. It only begins there. A parent can be, and should be, a friend who never leaves, a teacher who never stops teaching and a guide who never stops showing the way."

That's it for randomness now. Wish me luck for my love life. I'm gonna seriously start pushing myself ahead.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend of Pain (Serves 1)


1 Swollen Right Ankle
1 Handphone (mobile phone)
1 Sprain Bandage
2 Sprain Bandage Clips
1 Polyclinic Doctor
1 Friday
2 cups Excruciating Pain
1 kind Landlord
3 Panadols
1 Saturday
1 Voltex
1 Failing Round Tubelight
1 Sunday
1 Blog Post
2 Irritated Nostrils that cause sneezing
Diclofenac Sodium as needed
Famotidine for taste and aroma

Cooking Method

Ensure that right ankle is swelling up on Friday by walking around a lot, hoping the increasing pain will subside. Go have lunch outside school so that there is more walking than usual. By the end of evening, you have one swollen right ankle mixed with two cups of excruciating pain.

Keeping the excruciating pain mixed in the swollen ankle, try to reach home even though home seems as far away as heaven. Once reached (finally!), apply small amounts of Voltex on the ankle, and tie one sprain bandage around the swelling. Use one or two sprain bandage clips as needed.

After several repeated applications of Voltex with no desirable effect, try to go to sleep besides the excruciating pain that is already mixed. When this fails, use the handphone to call the kind landlord and ask for painkillers. Obtain Panadols and take two of them into your system.

On Saturday morning, get ready, take the remaining Panadol and go to the Polyclinic. Use both bus and taxi. Make appointment, wait 45 minutes and see the polyclinic doctor. Try to show off your failing memory skills by telling the last time you visited was in March, and be ashamed when he shows you on computer screen that it was January 16th 3.35 pm.

Obtain Diclofenac Sodium and Famotidine from pharmacy and return home in bus and taxi again. On the way, buy and eat food.

Mix two parts Diclofenac Sodium with one part Famotidine and take it. Apply more Voltex and reapply sprain bandage. Spend evening rewatching Prison Break Season 3. Also cook dinner, take another set of 2 parts Diclofenac Sodium and 1 part Famotidine, reapply Voltex and sprain bandage. Break one of the sprain bandage clips, making it useless.

Switch on and off the failing round tubelight and find out that it has finally failed. Try to go to sleep, but don't fall asleep until 4 in the morning, despite all the excruciating pain being fully absorbed and not evident anymore. Meanwhile play with handphone and send lame messages like "Which is cute?"

Wake up on Sunday morning, thinking it's 11 am, but find out it's only around 8.30 pm. Get up on the table, unscrew the failed round tubelight and remove it. Sneeze a few times during the process. Screw the tubelight cover back.

Start tagging others and then start writing a new blog post. Sneeze a few more times when you are writing it.

Serve hot.
You may also store in refrigerator for one year and reheat as needed.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New and Improved

How can something be new, and be improved at the same time? Either it's something new, that was never there before. Or it's improved version of something that already existed.

Anyway, I'm improving my presentation skills, and I'm able to stand in front of whole class and talk without fear or nervousness. I'm able to not blindly read the slides, but explain to the class, looking in their eyes, what information I'm presenting. I'm able to get myself be fully involved in the presentation and enjoy the fact that I have the privilege to have people listening to me.

Yea I still suck according to standards required, but it's better than before ;)