Career Aptitude Test Results - ThotPost

Okay I checked out this new website from TP (my poly) called ThotPost. It's actually quite cool. I quickly did the aptitude test in the site and here are the results I got:

You are the universal solvent. You are the natural peace maker and can gain compliance in any circumstance. You see your role as one of bringing consensus. You do not need to win or lead. You dislike competition. You are an excellent communicator. You have a natural intuition about people and situations. Balance is your mantra. You are a spiritual person.

Hmm.. most of what said is true about me, I know. Especially that I don't want to win or lead, and that I dislike competition.

Your ideal industries (and comments) are:

  • Art (maybe)
  • Education (maybe)
  • Esthetics (huh?)
  • Human Resources (hmm)
  • Management (maybe)
  • Music (hmm)
  • Philosophy (could be)
  • Psychology (maybe)
  • Theology (could be)
  • Museum Management (too boring)
  • Home Economics (maybe)
  • Childcare Worker (sounds good)
  • Disc Jockey (u sure?)
  • Landscape Architect (maybe)
  • Social Worker (hmm)
  • Writer (nah don't think so)
  • Reporter (not my thing)


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