The Ultimate Decision

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I'll stick to XP and will not make the switch-over because, though Vista has many new appealing features, it's very resource hungry and churns out your graphics processor to the max. I really wonder if Doom 3 would work in a Vista machine! Also I have no budget now to purchase Vista.

Vista seems not to excite me like Windows 2000, Me or NT did not excite me when I had Windows 98 to play with. Only when Windows XP came out did I really feel being outdated with that 98 which was 10 times worse than XP. Now when I have XP, Vista doesn't excite me. Maybe I'll consider a switchover when Vienna comes out (if you know what I'm talking about :P).

What about you? Post your views as comments.

Oh I was bored and so I took this picture because of a crazy idea that popped up in my mind when I saw my mouse through the transparent plate. That's why this is in "My Boring Life."


  1. On a sidenote, Vista does interest me a bit unlike how Windows 2000 didn't, because it does not continue on the boring style of XP, but has an entirely new style redesigned from ground up. But still, not enough.


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