Most Dreaded Day of the Year

So what's the most dreaded day of the year? Your birthday! And guess what? It's my birthday today. And it's the first birthday of mine that I decided not to celebrate. I didn't let any of my friends know, until it's too late. I didn't feel like celebrating in any way or creating a circumstance where a friend of mine would spend money to buy me a gift. So this is the first birthday of mine where I avoided all birthday-related expense and gift-based income.

But I was hurt when my father said "Celebrations are for children. You are grown-up individual now." I was like "WHAT?" I told him "Well, would I be celebrating my birthday when I turn 48 years old? If I feel like doing so, I would definitely do so. Just because I'm 48 doesn't mean I'm too old for a birthday celebration." Also told him that "Everyone, no matter how old, is still a child in his heart." He refused to fully grasp the meaning as he said, "I agree but the mode of celebration varies with age." It doesn't! A 10 year old would call up his group of friends to his house and throw a small party. A 48 year old would also do the same. The mode of celebration is the same, no matter what the age. It's the friendship and time together with friends that matters, not age and so called "maturity" or "grown-up-ness", if you will.

Anyway no point in bragging about how hurt I am. That's because my father's point of view is completely different from mine in every subject. He is materialistic, while I'm not. He is more to making a living, when I'm more to living a life of love. I can hardly find any similarity between my father's thinking and my own. Even my mother's thinking in general is different from mine.

Thanks to all who wished me.
To those who couldn't because I didn't let you know, I'm sorry.
And to those who couldn't because they forgot about it, it's OK :)


  1. i agree with you!!!heck when im 98 im still gonnah be celebrateing...well..if i can still stay awake over five muinutes:Plol


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