My space, My friends

Today someone in Myspace messaged me and said hi, and wanted me to add her on MSN. Ok, that's good I thought. So yup, I added her. She came online, and had been online for something like 6 hours! Haha, and she was chatting with me for most of the time, and missing me when I was not online. Mind you, I was running around from classes to classes and also doing my lab work, working out tutorial questions and so on, while chatting with her.

She's a very friendly person, and is glad to find that I'm one like that too, at least to some appreciable degree... lol. Yea I love her (as a friend ok? no bad thoughts in your mind!). She's from Sri Lanka, the island underneath India in your map. It's been fun chatting with her.

Glad to make one more friend :)


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