Neat Little Trick

Pulling the tab off drink cans just got easier with a new method taught by my friend Lewis.

Usually, when I feel like getting the tab off the a drink can, I’d keep pulling it and pushing it back until it breaks off due to metal fatigue.

But Lewis has a new method. It’s faster and even makes a loud pop sound. You can entertain your friends with it!

  1. Pull open the drink can as usual and push the tab back.
  2. Now rotate the tab exactly 180 degrees (rotate half a round).
  3. Pull the tab again, just the same way as you would pull it to open the can.

Easy as 123

The difference is that the can’s opening is now on the opposite side. Since there is no opening for the tab to puncture, it pops off the centre joint, making a loud noise.

[Original Picture Online]


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