A good cook and…

My friend and her friend agreed that “Guys want a good cook and a whore in bed.” True, I’d say. But they why don’t we guys put ads like “Wanted: Good Cook, and Whore in Bed”?

Guys don’t say what they really feel, but they strive hard to say what the girl wants to hear. And later on, when the girl finds out he had been lying (not being truthful) all along to keep her, things start to fall apart.

But if a guy does an experiment by being all so truthful about how poor, weak or stupid he is, it becomes clear that there is very little chance of finding any girl. So he pretends to be rich, strong and smart. I’m sure all guys agree.

Girls, would you rather guys be truthful than act in your love scenes as knights in shining armor?


  1. Im gonna sue you for using my quote without crediting!! hahaha :P

  2. Oh well, you credited yourself now.


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