7 Secrets to Happiness

Why haven’t I know this before? No, strike that! I’m glad I know this now! There are just seven simple, yet contradictory secrets to having lasting happiness in your life. Here they are, with my thoughts about them.

1. You Need a Solid Core Group of Friends

I find myself most happy when I’m out with friends, going for movies or lunch, or playing games and sports with them. You do need friends and to socialize in order to be happy.

2. You Gotta Have Adventures

I learnt that to make life a bit more interesting, I need to take risks and not stay safe. I have taken some risks, some paid off well, while others created bad consequences. Nevertheless, without taking risks I would not have learnt many of the valuable lessons I have learnt.

Taking risks adds spice to your life. Just try it.

3. It’s Time to Toss Excess Stuff

This is a tough one. It says I need to get rid of stuff I don’t use anymore. Well, I do try to get rid of much stuff that are useless, sometimes I keep small things that may not be useful per se, but carry some value. That’s alright, I believe.

Even when talking about the mind, I need to forget about all the past bad experiences and move on, striving to create new good ones. If I dwell on the past and only find time to regret it, thinking “I could have not done it, I could have done something else”, I am going to waste my present time and in turn my future.

What has happened, has already happened. You can’t change the past.

4. A Balance of Busy and Dead Time Is Key

I’ve seen some people who are just busy busy busy all the time, that they can’t even stop a short while and chit chat a bit with me. I hate such kind of people. At the same time, having absolutely nothing to do kills me a lot. I try to keep myself fairly busy, but at the same time relax.

5. It’s Crucial to Give in to Temptation

This has nothing to do with the Christian view of “temptation” but rather means to treat yourself with something pleasurable once in a while. It’s good to be strict with yourself and control what your activities and life, but once in a while, just give in to temptation and indulge in a little pleasure. On the other hand, over-indulging is also harmful.

6. Liking Yourself Is Nonnegotiable

I can’t stress enough the need to like yourself. It’s the most important secret to being happy. I used to not like myself at all, but then I learnt to admire my good qualities and improve on them. It helps.

I always tell my friends who are unhappy with their physical appearance that it is important that they look in their mirror and tell themselves “I’m beautiful. Those who love me, will accept me just how beautiful I am.”

7. You Must Stop Mentally Browsing

Occasionally I have seen some people who choose something and then wonder if he should have chosen something else. I have had such moments myself, but I quickly dismiss them by reminding myself that I should be happy with myself and my choice. It may not be good to someone else, but it’s the best choice to myself. Why? Simply because I made it. And it makes me happy.

[Read this article to get in-depth explanation about the secrets.]


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