Time to write a blog post

But I don't know what to write about. Ok time to be random?

I'm reading Understanding Psychology by Robert S. Feldman for leisure. It's quite an interesting book, but I just started on the interesting parts of it. Did you know that Asians outperform U.S. students in education because Asian parents teach that anything is possible if you're willing to do hard work, while U.S. parents tell their children that intelligence as defined at birth determines their success?

Talking about reading, I think I'm starting to like reading for leisure. I used to read nothing, until my good friend introduced me to books that interested me, but was never found by me until I met her. For the first time I bought a book after I had finished reading every page of it. That's Body Language by Allan & Barbara. You should try it *thumbs up*

I had Pasta with chunky pasta sauce, and chocolate milk for dinner. And fruit cocktail in apple juice for dessert. Mmm tastes so good. So refreshing ^_^

I told my parents that they failed in being a good parent to me. (Yea that sounds horrible to some of you, but believe me, my childhood sucks.) Exact words: "A parent's job doesn't end with providing food, clothing and shelter. It only begins there. A parent can be, and should be, a friend who never leaves, a teacher who never stops teaching and a guide who never stops showing the way."

That's it for randomness now. Wish me luck for my love life. I'm gonna seriously start pushing myself ahead.


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