Horrible, but justified

55740 is the highest death toll I could find on Google News today. That is a whole lot of people to die in a few days.

It's so horrible to see people die all of a sudden in huge numbers. I grieve for all the loss of lives, and spread my condolences to the next of kin and other survivors. I also join the millions of people mourning for the event.

But somehow, all these tsunami, earthquakes, global warming, and such horrible things slowly killing humankind off are justified because of the horrible things we do to the Earth. If you punch someone, there is only a very slim chance, he will ask you to punch him on the other side too.

Earth does not give you that chance. Humankind has been tapping into the resources of the Earth for the last hundreds and thousands of years, for their own development. There is definitely a threshold, a level of tolerance for anything and everything. We have long exceeded that threshold.

It seems like Earth would have been a lot better place to live, if humans were like any other animals, with no higher intelligence. Yes, we would all be naked, living in caves, eating fruits, possibly hunting animals. But we would not be driving cars, flying airplanes, going to school or even reading this blog on a computer. Just like any other animal, we would be living in jungles.

What's the advantage? The Earth's delicate balance would not have been disturbed over time by the advanced development of human beings. Earth would not have retaliated by slashing us with tsunami, earthquakes, floods and other horrible mass wipe out of human civilizations. Those people who died in such horrible events would have been living long fruitful lives.

It seems like that the end of the world as we know it, is nearing. The Earth is wiping its slate clean, slowly but surely. Soon, it will start all over again, repair itself, and will be back in balance. One thing I hope, Earth would not once again commit the mistake of creating (or evoluting) an intelligence higher than the spinal cord.


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