Do I love to prove you wrong?

I like to think. About science, about technology, about mathematics, about the accuracy and logic of the information provided to me. If something doesn't sound right, I will set out on a conquest to prove it wrong, or to prove myself wrong.

If it so happens that I have proved myself wrong, I do not take it as a blow and get worked up about it. I congratulate myself that I have learnt what my mistake is, and appreciate that I had the opportunity to find it out.

But sometimes I prove the information wrong. I find out what the correct information should be. And in the process, someone is proved wrong. Sometimes it's a lecturer, sometimes it's a fellow student, sometimes it's just a random person.

I do feel happy to have proved the information wrong, and even happier to provide the correct information. But I do not pride over the fact that I have proved someone wrong, because in reality, it is not that someone who is wrong, but the information. That someone is simply a carrier of the information and is therefore not blamed by me.

So please, if I ever say "you're wrong," what I really mean is "the information you carry is wrong, here's the correct information."


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