Online Tutorials

The Legendary ADTC, in collaboration with Temasek Engineering School and Microsoft Corporation, is introducing Online Tutorials. Such tutorials are achieved by utilising the handwriting feature of Windows Live Messenger on a Tablet PC. It is very simple and easy to use, and it redefines the whole definition of online tutorial concept. All you need is:
A computer. (The tutor should have a Tablet PC)
Windows XP.
Windows Live Messenger.
Your tutor/student should be in your contact list.

Haha... interesting isn't it? It's actually happening... Some of my classmates actually ask me doubts and I write the solutions into the handwriting tab of my Windows Live Messenger, with the EMR pen of my Tablet PC... I do the same to explain concepts to them, utilising colours like red, green and blue for vibrancy!... What a noble use for technology... your parents would have never thought it would be possible!!


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