Nightmares I live every Day – Screwed Up

I’m screwed up. And most of this person’s friends would agree to that statement. This person I wish to talk about here, is not the same person as in my previous episode of ‘Nightmares I live every Day’ series. It is a different person altogether.

As you have noticed already, I will not give you any details that reveal anything about this person. But if you know me well, you should know who this person is. Just like before, I once again screwed up a good friendship that could have been there. And I foolishly destroyed it, all in the name of my selfish pleasure.

I regret it and if I could go back in time, I would tell my past Arun what nightmare I am living with now, and what I wish to avoid. I have not done the right thing at all. More than any other bad event in my life, seeing this person makes me want what I will never have. An eraser than can rub away past mistakes and set things straight.

Regardless, I’m learning to let go of it as a mistake, a huge one indeed, one that I pay for whenever the person appears in front of my eyes. I’m learning my lesson from this mistake, and it’s the most important lesson I have ever learnt in my entire life. For this lesson, I want to give this person a big “Thank You.”


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