Nightmares I live every Day – Birthday Slip

A long long time ago. I was in a hostel and it was my birthday. The hostel warden arranged a birthday cake and a celebration. My mom was also visiting the hostel and was with me. Everything was going on as usual, but when it was time to cut the cake… I forgot to blow the candles! I just cut the cake right-away… (pause) ‘Why isn’t anyone clapping?’

At first, I was really confused that the whole hall suddenly became silent. But instead of going insane about it, I just blew the candles – in the middle of cutting! Some of the hostel mates clapped, while others didn’t. Usually the whole hall claps, and loudly too. But not today.

A few moments later, I realized what I did wrong and was really embarrassed. In front of some 50 people I did something obviously wrong and everyone knew. But no-one talked about it, at all. Nobody ever mentioned about the slip. Usually, anything stupid I do, they all will have something to say about it. But not the birthday slip. Well I’m glad they never mentioned it ever again.

Why did this happen? I blame it on nobody guiding me. I’ve seen in movies and all that in situations like this, the mother or close friend or relative would guide the birthday boy saying “C’mon make a wish and blow the candles.” But the warden just gave me the knife and I really didn’t know what to do. It isn’t like I celebrate birthdays all the time!

This is the first time I’m telling anyone about this incident. I had kept this a secret for a long time. It’s time to let go. And you know, whenever I see a birthday cake or hear about a birthday celebration, I remember this embarrassing incident and live the horrors of it over again.


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