Lufthansa Technik

It's fun when it's not mindless filing, or boring lectures. Here's an analysis.


What's Hot

  • Getting to mingle around with our classmates and make friends.
  • Getting to think and solve problems that we encounter.
  • Operating cool machines and stuff.
  • Sometimes, getting time to officially slack, due to unavailability of required materials (sorry the next batch will not enjoy that :P)
  • Getting to go home early if we finish our day's work early.
  • Getting a good work-out (is that really hot? well, maybe it is when we get a six-pack abs.)
  • Soon, we will be making a part of aircraft skin ^_^
  • Being able to listen to music while we do continuous mindless work. It helps me keep active.

What's Not

  • Mindless filing and hack-sawing of metal blocks or sheets.
  • Frustratingly stubborn metal which just does not wanna get corrected. (that is, if I want to make a surface flat, no matter what I try, it still remains curved.)
  • Hands, fingers and even legs would be aching at the end of the day.
  • Our lecturer wanting 100% perfection in what we do. Well, I just don't show him. If I can't make it perfect in a set time, I just give up at the almost-perfect condition and keep quiet ;) *shhh*
  • Lots of time taken to complete a work.
  • The knowledge that all these we are doing now is not graded and is simply for practice before our project.


What's Hot

  • Lots of cool videos, not just documentaries like Nat Geo Air Crash Investigations, but also funny commercials and other comedy stuff. Our lecturer has a good sense of humour.
  • Learning cool things about aircraft maintenance.
  • Once again, getting to go home early if we finish our lesson early.
  • Being able to stay connected to Windows Live Messenger on my PDA and still listen to class without being distracted (that's personal)
  • Laughing at the jokes our lecturer cracks in the midst of boring lectures.
  • Listening to awesome stories he recalls from his experiences as a technician.
  • Having breaks almost every half an hour :D

What's Not

  • Listening to boring boring boring lecture notes being recited.
  • My fingers shivering due to the strong air-con. That's why I bought my shawl. Because only my fingers shiver, so a jacket is a complete no-no.


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