I knew I loved you before I met you...

In the post "Secrets Exposed" I said:

You can't meet someone you love because you can't love someone before you meet him/her.

Let me explain further. There are two important differences between guys and girls.

1. Guys can (sometimes very very) easily separate sex and love, while girls find it hard to do so.
2. Guys tend to be blur about friendships, relationships and affection, while girls usually have a clear cut view. They know which guy is a friend, and which is more than that.

Both these truths I have learnt recently and I am trying to understand them and practice the girls' way (no that doesn't mean I'm becoming gay, if you thought that's the case, you probably wanna be gay yourself ;)

So what's the connection between these truths and the loving before meeting part? Well, before going into that, we should look at the connection between meeting and loving.

What does it mean to meet a person? Oh that's so simple. Just saying hi to someone you never knew before, and making small talk. Possibly getting to know them.

Then what does it mean to love a person? This is where things get a bit too complicated. Oh this is the part where people tend to talk about the four Greek loves, but I'm gonna cut the crap. You already know it.

Love, in the romance and BGR concept, means several things, ranging from knowing the other person more than anybody else would know him/her to spending lots of quality time together to both parties selflessly living lives for each other.

So if all these and many more things mean love, how can you love someone you never met before. You meet someone knew, you get to know him/her, then you request a relationship. If it happens, then the relationship blooms, love happens. If you have to love someone before you meet them, you gotta start rewinding time now.

Now, for the truths. The song's artists are two guys (Savage Garden). Truth number 2, guys tend to be blur. There maybe exceptions, but the rule still remains. Now the song is very nice and romantic. It's even a romantic thought to think you loved this special someone and knew she's out there before you met her.

But it doesn't happen for real. For starters, anyone who knew this someone is there out there, he would go find her. Why doesn't such a thing happen? Because he is only hoping that there is someone, but he doesn't know yet who that is.

If you say "I know I love you even though I haven't met you yet; whoever 'you' are." that's acceptable ;) Just remember, the guy/girl you meet tomorrow might or might not be the 'you'. Don't judge for yourself, you have to allow time to tell you.


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