Sh*t I killed a snail!

I was walking, on my way home after alighting the bus. A family was coming towards me and the guy in the group was talking some nonsense, which I didn't really care about. Suddenly I heard: *SLUSH* and I realized I stepped on something slimy under my left foot. I just continued walking like nothing happened until the family was behind me. Then I turned back and looked. Looks like it's a snail... OMG NO! Not a snail! Poor thing. I just killed a poor snail which did nothing to me!! *guilty feeling*..

Hey wait a second! Who asked the snail to get under my foot in the first place? -_-"

Anyway, as soon as I reached home, I washed the soles of my shoes. Eww gross stuff >.< The thought still makes me wanna puke!


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