Life is as happy as we consider it to be.

Many of us live life just as it comes to us. We take all that is thrown at us by life, but don't really think about what can be done with what we get. Instead we just keep it in the shape how it originally is when we get it.

If you don't answer yes to even one of these questions, it doesn't mean you have a perfect life, but it does mean you're happier than an average person.

Do you wonder why you were born in this world? Do you wish you hadn't? Do you wish that your life would end and you would be freed of the misery you are in now? Do you wonder why people you love don't love you? Why they don't care about you, or even about themselves? Do you wonder why the world is never a better place for you? Do you think it is unfair that fate decides you should not be happy as you want yourself to be?

I can say a lot more questions, but you get the gist.

But if you're ready for a revelation, you can learn now that, you can decide when you want to be happy, and when you don't want to be. But we all think we suck at making the right choices so we let situations and circumstances make them for us. This is not a right attitude to have. Yes, we do make wrong choices, but that's not all the time. We learn from our wrong choices, and don't make them again.

But making a wrong choice is better than making no choice at all. And making the right choice is the best thing. If you just start making choices about your life, you'll learn that the decision making process is not as hard as it seems to be.

We are also conditioned from our childhood that choices are to be made by fate, situations, other people, Higher Power, etc. as from the beginning our parents made choices for us, and gave us what they thought is the best for us, without letting us voice our opinion. There are a few parents who train their children to make choices for themselves, but parents generally don't do it, considering children to be immature and unable to make right choices. I'm not saying this to blame any parents, but to remind you that when you become a parent yourself, you should train your child to make the right decision on his/her own.

Anyway that's just a side note. Wow this is a long post already. Let's get back to the main topic now. Life is as happy as you consider it to be. What does that mean?

When we have positive feelings and are happy about something, we nod our head while thinking or talking about it. But did you know that you can actually create positive feelings but intentionally nodding your head? That sounds impossible, but it will work. Guess that's why rockers nod their heads so much. Talking about that, we don't shake our head left and right when we listen to good music, do we? We nod it up and down.

So what I want to say is that you can make life happier than it seems to be, only if you impart happiness into it, instead of demanding happiness from it. Say, you're in a situation that's sad and making you unhappy. You're not getting any happiness from the situation, and you're not going to. But you already have happiness in you (know that?) and you can inject it into the situation.

How, you may ask. Simple. Don't get easily affected by the situation around you [quoting my friend] and don't let it change how happy you are. Instead, you can affect the situation by taking initiative to look at it with a positive view, and possibly change it if you can, and thus change how happy it is to you.

[Note that there are some situations where you cannot apply what I told you, like death of a loved one. In such situations just let yourself cry it out. It will heal with passage of time.]


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