One day on crutches

It's been a while since I last updated, so I thought I'd do a quick post.

I've uploaded some new photos in my Friendster Profile, so do check them out.

Nothing much have been happening this past week because I've been home for like four days continuous, going out only for food. It's quite boring, I know. But I had to take rest.

Here is how it all went.

Last Saturday, I joined my friends at a condominium swimming pool. I got in the water, regardless of my inability to swim. (Surprising, huh?) I've never learnt to swim. I was walking and "running" in the water and at some point my right ankle twisted a bit, horizontally. It ached a bit, then I just wiggled it off.

Sunday, I was fine, Monday I was fine too.

Forward to Tuesday. In the morning when I woke up, I was experiencing slight pain on the right ankle. It wasn't too much, so I got ready in the afternoon and went to school. But it was raining heavily on my way to school and my pants got soaking wet. This added to the weight I had to bear. It was aching more, but I was still able to walk. I thought maybe it's because of the soaked pants, and it will be gone by the next day.

Wednesday, I woke up really early in the morning because I couldn't bear the pain on my right ankle. It has swollen up so much that I couldn't move my foot without screaming! [I didn't scream for real, but I was moaning though :P] With that early a wake up I would have surely been able to come to school on time. But I didn't because I could hardly walk. There were crutches in my house, so I asked the landlord if I can borrow them. So I used them and got to the Toa Payoh Polyclinic in the afternoon.

Waiting time in polyclinic is so long! The doctor looks at the computer screen more than she looks at the patient. So impersonal. In the end, their fees in total was $49.90! $19 is the minimum because I'm foreigner. Then there was X-ray, then medicine and other fees. I also got MC for three days, starting Wednesday. In total, I spent $72 inclusive of cab fare. I was forced to take taxi both ways. Taking bus was near impossible!

Oh, in the morning, I was installing Vista, but that's a story of it's own.

Thursday morning I woke up and found that the pain was 90% gone! It was unexpected. I thought I would have to use the crutches a day more, but I could put them away. I continued on my medication. The gel they gave has the stamp "POISON" on it! Never seen any medicine like that before. But it's fast acting. I spent the day watching CSI, going out only for food.

Friday and Saturday, I continued on medication, and spent the day watching more CSI, thanks to my friend. Only went out to get food. I also watched The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers towards the night, yesterday.

Sunday, it is today. I think I'll go out for food now, and come back and see if I have to do any assignments or continue CSI or movie. Or maybe I'll pack up and go roaming. Either of the two.


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