The extent to which people are willing to go...

Can you imagine what extend people are willing to go just to achieve what they desire? They don't even think about the consequences. Read this short news report:
From 'fat-burning' to burnt fat

Woman suffers burns on body after trying to slimming treatment at spa
By Amanda Yong
November 17, 2009

Enticed by a local spa's promise of a "fat-burning treatment", one housewife literally got burnt.

Madam Li Mei Gui, 35, tried an unusual beauty treatment in which a spa therapist placed a towel on her waist and poured alcoholic fluid on the towel. When the towel was lit up, the flames spread to her bare skin.

Now, she is left with horrific scars on her back, one as abig as a two-dollar note.

For the full report, read The New Paper today (17 Nov).


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