Discrimination – Part 2

If a language cannot be considered superior to another, as both of them are merely two means of communication between humans, why is that a religion is considered superior to all other religions by its followers? Isn’t religion simply a means of communication with the Divine? The claimed superiority of one religion over the others have created bloodshed throughout history, when there is no such blood-filled history regarding language difference or any other difference for that matter.

If it doesn’t make sense to be friends with someone only of particular country or particular skin colour, why does it make perfect sense to the followers of a religion that they should shun themselves from the rest of the society and make friends only with those from among the followers?

If in God’s eyes, all human beings are considered equal, why do followers of a religion claim themselves to be above other human beings simply in the name of religion? And why do they find it absolutely right to do so?

If a text of any religion should be proven to be accurate beyond the shadow of doubt, there should be no human being questioning them. As nobody questions the fact that gravity exists or that earth is spheroidal, nobody should question the so called “facts” in their own religious texts that are claimed by the followers of that particular religion. Why is this not so? Why are there so many proponents as well as opponents for any given religion?


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