Discrimination - Part 1

Could any language be considered better than another language? Would you tell your friend that your language is better than his, and he should learn yours? In that case, is it not fair that he has an equal right to claim his language to be better than yours, and invite you to learn it? Language is a means of communication that had been developed by human beings. How would one mean of communication be superior to other, when there is no real basis to compare the two on?

Are we to choose our friends by the country they’re born in, or by the culture they are part of? Would you tell someone you meet, “Oh you’re from Country-X. Sorry I don’t make friends with people from Country-X and Country-Y.”? Or, how about “Sorry, no offence, but we can’t be friends because your skin colour is darker than mine.”

Should any human being be considered greater than other human beings, in terms of being a human being? Presidents and ministers are only there as they have a responsibility. Beyond this responsibility, they are merely human beings, at the same level as a layman cleaning the street, and an engineer working on an aircraft.

Is there anyone who would dare question a fact that is proved using a solid, tangible proof? Facts proven by science, does anyone question them? Is there anyone who claim today than the value of pi is not 3.14159… and have theories or proofs to back his claim?

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