Few more hours...

... and I will be flying, alone, sadly enough. And nobody is coming to send me off. Last time my group of friends sent me off, but this time they're all busy. I don't blame them. When they have schedules and are busy, of course they can't come. It's their right. But I feel like so sad that I'm going to the airport alone and leaving Singapore alone.

It reminds me of life somehow. We may have people around us, but in the end, it's us that remains, while all the people around us have gone away. But we can still hold hopes that some day, some new people would come around and meet us. It is a cycle. People moving in and out of our lives...

while a selected few would choose to stay. I haven't really found who would stay in my life besides my parents. That special someone with whom I would live the rest of my life. That she who would accompany me through the steps of time ahead. [Arun, you idiot... all you can think of is girl girl girl... shut up and talk about something else...]

Alright. Flight is at 8:05 pm today. It's 4:09 pm now, which gives around 4 more hours. I think I will shut down my computer and leave for the airport around 5 plus. Then I will find The Cocoa Trees or some other shop to buy more chocolates. It seems, my mom has a new friend and she wants to give her some chocolates from Singapore :P I'd like to meet this new kiddo as well.

I have a feeling this vacation would be a bit different. Not only about the kid, but I'm also not taking my laptop with me. It's an absolute addiction, trust me. I'd have to be pulled away from the computer to be more productive in life. And I think I will talk with my parents more.. *dreaded feeling* I hope!

Oh I just found out Ngee Ann Poly has a new course: The Art of Dating... I should take that. LOL! [Link 2]


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