How many of you have dreams regularly? I get dreams like almost every night. And all those dreams are in the morning, before I wake up. It's all so mixed and it's all very real. Real as in, something that can theoretically happen in real world. Many of them are created in figment of my imagination but all are heavily based of my past experiences with people.

Back in 2003, there was a male teacher in my (then) school. He was quite fearsome as he used to cane students very badly for not doing homework. Recently I watched an episode of CSI where a murdered professor was teaching the students about pain and torture, telling them that pain is necessary.

Mix them together and I just got a wild dream where this teacher who taught me in school was throwing a knife and a scissor at me, after asking me act like I'm weak and tired. It felt like he was trying to teach the people around me something by doing that.

That was quite scary. But that was just a miniscule part of the dream. There were many other parts like the science exhibition I had in my one school in 2002, was mixed with the playfulness of my friends and classmates from my another school where I studied in 2003-05.

My dreams are not vague or sketchy. They are vivid and full of details, which adds so much to the reality. There are a lot of details in it, even tiny ones. When I wake up, I'm so relieved that it was just a dream, but I'm also shocked by what happened because it feels like those things really happened.

What are your experiences with dreams? [Please comment to this post instead of tagging in the tagboard. Thank you]


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