So I thought I should revamp my blog and added this new zesty orange look to it. Not like anyone is reading it beyond the can opener post, but anyhow...

I also added the new pages feature, and you can see the pages via the tabs on the top. They primarily serve to show you the different kinds of views I have. You're welcome to post your comments on them, of course :)


  1. Hello... I do drop by when time permits hahaha.
    Hey wanted to check no "how to set up exchange email on android" and your other (computer) blog came to my mind. Send my regards to Amy. Cheers!

  2. I thought you could just setup POP and SMTP for that (not sure if Android's Mail app supports IMAP). Other than this, I don't know. Of course, Google is your friend :D

  3. YUP did it already! :D Google is prove that God exist. :P

    Cheers mate!

  4. Nope, Google is proof that god doesn't exist. If god did, we wouldn't need Google.


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