How long will a faith last in today’s world?

A strong vibrant and solid society, community, religion can be identified by its:

Openness to evolve and change.
Tolerance to other ideas and thoughts
A willingness to accept reason and logic based on verifiable facts
A confidence that there is nothing to fear or lose.
No fear of losing its members or faithful
No insistence on punishment for those who leave it
No physical enforcement of rules and commands.
Rejection of anything that is based on blind faith and circular logic
A revulsion and contempt for violence based philosophy
A deep respect for women
A strong belief that no thought or idea is permanent.
That change is the only thing that is permanent.

On the other hand
Any community that has values opposite to what is written above..
is weak and unstable and in the long run cannot sustain or hold itself.
It always felt it is under threat.
Scared that it will lose its identity
Unsure of its beliefs and hence enforce and hold its followers by harsh rules
Need to constantly stick to the Blind truth and faith principle.
Feels submission is more important than reason and question.
It lives under constant fear of losing out to change and collapse.
Until a built up momentum destroys it to oblivion by implosion.

"No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come" – Voltaire

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