Who is responsible?

Who is responsible to teach a human child how to live a life on his own, so that when he grows up to be an adult, he would live his life fearlessly and without ignorance? Is it the teachers at his school? Is it life itself? Or are all children expected to be born knowing how to live?

Many children, I feel, are just tossed into schools like banana chips tossed into a pot of hot oil. It is assumed by almost everybody that children only need to learn how to do something as they grow up. And that they only need to know how to make a living.

But never has anyone given a thought if it is necessary to teach a child how to live. It's almost considered a waste of time to touch on this vital issue in a child's life. I feel I was never taught how to live. I was let in the open like a newborn deserted by its mother

I went to schools and learnt Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computers, Engineering, French. But no school and no teacher could teach me Life. Because no teacher can teach me that. No school can provide such a curriculum.

So tell me, who is responsible to provide me with the necessary training to live a live, when I reach the mature age of an adult? And whoever it is, why have they not provided such a training. Why have they deserted me when they knew that they had to teach me valuable lessons of life, that nobody else can teach me?


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