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Indigos are truth-tellers. They are quiet, alert, spiritual, inquisitive, patient, determined, guiltless, stubborn and honest. They can be blunt.

The reality of our world is a shifting, evolving, dynamic energy field. As part of this ecosystem, humanity is growing and developing. As the needs of the whole shift, changes need to be made in the parts that make up that whole. So it is with the auras. A new colour-Indigos emerged, with skills, talents; and physical characteristics significantly different from those of the other colours. At this time, most Indigos are still children or young adults. I see Indigo children as a new colour invested with new talents and abilities that will be necessary for our evolution. These children have unique characteristics for which we can only guess the purpose.

Parents of Indigo children have a special challenge-how to nurture and cultivate their unique children while at the same time helping them exist in the mainstream of contemporary society. The parents of some of these Indigo children will love and support their differences. Other Indigos will not be so lucky. In this chapter, I will be putting forth what I know intuitively about these children.

The significant thing about Indigos is that they have leadership capabilities unlike those we have heretofore experienced. They understand what it means to be a fully actualised human being without having been taught that concept.

The most difficult thing for an Indigo to develop is patience and forbearance. Because they seem to have already grasped what it means to be authentic, they have little tolerance for others who struggle with this issue. Indigos are not without compassion. However, their form of compassion is to give other human beings time and space enough to find their own answers, to come to their own resolutions.

Excerpts from other sections:

Physical Approach to Life

Indigos have a biochemical system that has differing needs and considerations than other aura colours. Acceptance of their more sensitive systems pays rich dividends for parents.

They have extremely sensitive neural systems. Excessive excitement or prolonged stimulation can cause them to withdraw into themselves.

They mate soul to soul rather than body-to-body. Sexuality is not an expression of masculinity or femininity, but rather the capacity of one human soul to interact with another soul. Sexual expression is a medium of communication so profound that sex for the purpose of physical release only is incomprehensible to an Indigo.

Because an Indigo is renewed spiritually as well as physically by each such experience, they seem to have lower sex drives, finding that fewer but more fulfilling experiences are preferable to many casual experiences.

Mental Approach to Life

They are bright and inquisitive, with an intelligence that cannot be measured by traditional psychological tests. Since these children seem to be born knowing everything, they are not asking for information but for verification of the knowledge they already have.

Independent without being arrogant, they are like solo molecules floating through the space of their reality. They are eager to learn and experience. However, Indigos are inherently unwilling to adapt to a standardized learning pattern.

Indigo children learn best when they are encouraged to follow their own interests. They have a capacity for pursuing topics deeply rather than skimming lightly over the surface. They resent teacher-imposed decisions as to what and how they should learn.

They need their own special place-their own room, a table, a corner of the family room-where they can keep their projects set up, without having to clean up after each work session.

These children will respond to the gentle reminder that it will be dinnertime in half an hour-better think about getting ready for dinner." This gives them an opportunity to mentally put a page marker on their thinking process.

Indigos see the whole pattern and all the individual piece's of the pattern at the same time. As a result, they sometimes have difficulty explaining their ideas and images to others. However, they will hammer their listener with data and examples until they have communicated their idea and the listener has expressed comprehension.

They are not arrogant and do not consider themselves brighter or more astute than their peers. They simply want the freedom, with a certain amount of guidance, to pursue their interests and to satisfy their need to know.

Indigos will remain cooperative as long as they are not patronized. They become incredibly stubborn when they feel put down and will cheerfully disrupt an entire classroom.

Emotional Approach to Life

On many levels, Indigos are never children at all, even though in their early years of development they can be very childlike. They seem more mature than others of the same age, reacting with sympathy and understanding to life's little dramas. Indigo children are more self-contained than other children, needing less interaction with family and peers.

They do well if given large amounts of time alone to pursue their own interests and activities. They have active imaginations and often talk to themselves, lost in another reality.

Going without meals, being deprived of privileges, giving up toys or activities-such punishments are of no consequence to an Indigo.

Promises are remembered. Indigos are not fooled by such vague words as "someday" and "soon." They want to know exactly which "someday" or precisely how "soon." Without meaning to nag they will remind you of your promises, which they see as a part of your responsibility to them. They do not hold grudges or resort to emotional blackmail.

Indigos are not demonstrative or overly affectionate. They seem to be self-contained. They are cautious with those to whom they give their affection. They can communicate openly and spontaneously with only a few people.

Indigos, at some deep level, understand that we are all interrelated as family, with no dividing lines and no areas of ownership or separation. Seeing so clearly this lack of distinctions, they feel the isolation of their knowing. They are gentle souls looking for a haven and understanding.

Spiritual Approach to Life

Spirituality as expressed by an Indigo is an example of what it would be like to live without the guilt and fear used by many religions to intimidate and manipulate.

To an Indigo, the Higher Power is a daily reality, not a theological concept. God is. Indigos see our striving after spirituality as posturing-much the way Christ saw the Pharisees.

Indigos find it easy to conform to institutionalised spiritual practices. They intuitively incorporate reverence and honour into their behaviour handling the spiritual objects with respect.

They are not bound by old traditions, habits, or belief systems. These children know that there is an order and a pattern to the universe that has little to do with the rules and regulations others make up. They are able to construct a holistic spirituality within themselves.


Their power is in their indifference to accepted rewards and their refusal to be manipulated. Indigos will lead by making us rethink and reexamine our beliefs, values, and ways of doing things. By questioning standard practices they will begin to expose the lack of logic in much of what we do.

They are born with the knowledge that life is joyful and can remain so, not through avoiding pain, but by accepting it; not by being good, but by confronting lust, greed, and envy and integrating them into one's being.

Finances and Careers

Indigos will work because they enjoy the work, because it brings benefit and pleasure to themselves and others, and they feel useful doing it. If they find a job boring, or more work than they bargained for, they will simply quit.

Indigos are not lazy. To observe Indigos working on a project that interests them and absorbs their full attention is to see what tenacity really is. They simply know what they want and what they don't want.

This leaves Indigos in the precarious position of trying to figure out how to support themselves while doing what they enjoy.

Indigos find great satisfaction working with their hands in occupations that require them to pay attention to the process that is not intellectually demanding. They art intelligent, soft-spoken, hardworking, and dedicated employees.

For the future, as new needs and situations arise, Indigos will move into leadership positions because they have firsthand knowledge gained from experience in repairing today's technology.


Indigos will always tell the truth, no matter how brutal it may seem to others. They are not governed by society's rules. They will not behave in a certain way simply because an adult promises them acceptance or love as a reward for doing so.

They will obey a rule because they agree with the moral premise behind it, and they will behave in a certain way because they want to be in a relationship where sharing and negotiating are required.

As they grow older, they find it more and more difficult to explain their differentness, and they choose friends and companions who accept them as they are. They do not have a lot of friends, preferring to be alone rather than to try to conform.

In an intimate relationship, they do not want to have to monitor their behaviour; therefore they choose mates who are sympathetic to their need to communicate soul-to-soul, and to their unwillingness to conform. The gentleness and emotional commitment of the Indigo are the rewards for those who are in a relationship with them.

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